Amazonas pieneen tilaan pakkautuva kevyt matka picnic, rantaviltti


Amazonas viltti on kevyt ja pakkautuu pieneen tilaan. Mukana pakkauspussi. Mitat 150x120cm, paino 350g. Alapuoli vedenpitävä (1500mm). Pakattuna vie tilaa saman verran kun limutölkki. The ultra-light outdoor blanket for on the move. On a bike, on the road, or simply out and about – the Travel Blanket ultra-light is a constant companion because it's barely heavier or bigger than a cola tin. Not only is it ultra-light, the Travel Blanket is also soft and cuddly to the touch. The underside is also lined to offer perfect protection on damp ground.  When you are not using the Travel Blanket, it can be simply and quickly packed into the accompanying carry pouch. Machine washable. Downside waterproof! (1500-mm water column)