Amazonas T-Strap kiinnitys riippumatolle


Helppo ja nopea kiinnitys. 25mm hihna on hellävarainen puun kuorelle. Säädettävissä 15-220cm. Säänkestävä. 2kpl setti Set of 2 attachment straps to hang up hammocks. The aluminium holding pin acts as a practical connection to the hammock loop – once put through, it remains absolutely secure. The 25 mm strap is extra-gentle to trees. Can be adjusted between 15 to 220 cm. Scope of Delivery: 2 weather-proof straps with metal buckle and aluminium pin. Max. Load: 200 kg Packing Unit: 2 pieces Length: 220 cm Weight: 400 g Pack Size (Length/Width): 25 cm Pack Size (Depth): 23 cm Gross Weight: 400 g