Ansmann Powerline 4 akkuparistolaturi 12V pistokkeella


Kätevä akkuparistolaturi jolla lataat AA ja AAA akut verkkovirran lisäksi myös auton 12V tupakansytyttimestä.
Zero Watt technology means no standby power consumption, the charger automatically disconnects itself from the mains power once the batteries are fully charged (when operated with AC power)
Aluminium housing
Microprocessor controlled supervision of each cell
Multiple over charging protection by voltage detection (-deltaV, 0deltaV) and safety timer
Trickle charging for min. 1h before the charger disconnects itself from the mains power
Faulty cell detection/Alkaline detection
Battery status is displayed by LED per charging slot
Primary plug changeable
Reverse polarity protection
For worldwide use or for use in-car
3 years warranty
Input voltage: 100-240V AC, 12V DC (car adapter)
Charging time for Mignon AA 1000mAh: 1.5h
Charging current: Mignon AA 800mA, Micro AAA 400mA