Ansmann Universal virtalähde APS 600, max. 7.2W, 3-12V


Tällä universaalilla laturilla lataat useat pienet elektroniikkalaitteet kuten kamerat, MP3 soittimet, mittauslaitteet, CD-soittimet jne. 7-eri vaihtopäätä. Klikkaa kuvan vieressä olevaa piirustusta suuremmaksi nähdäksesi eri pistokevaihtoehdot Tutustu käyttöohjeisiin huolella ennen käyttöä! 3-12V universal power supply to power many small electrical devices incl. changeable input plugs The APS 600 gives you the option to operate a variety of small electronic devices, such as handheld computers, digital cameras, measuring devices, MP3 players, CD players, etc. For best compatibility with many devices, a seven-part plug set is included. The usual jacks and barrel connectors contained therein ensure ideal contact. No matter which device should be operated. The output voltage can be set through a rotary switch on the back of the power supply. The APS 600 is short-circuit proof and voltage-stabilized. Suitable for consumers up to max. 600mA, 7.2W. suitable for UniversalInput voltage 100-240V ACWorldwide use YesMultiple plug-in Yes Max. current 3.0V: 600mA4.5V: 600mA 5.0V: 600mA 6.0V: 600mA 7.5V: 600mA 9.0V: 600mA 12.0V: 600mAMax. power 7.2WErP conformity YesStabilized YesPolarity socket Yes