Baladeo LED MegaPower S Dynamolamppu


Toimii joko auringon valolla tai dynamolla.


  • Koko 9 x 5 x 3 cm, 
  • paino 83 g
  •  3,6 V Ni-MH Akku, 80 mAh
  • 8 Lumen
  • Solarcell (a-si) 37 x 22 mm


Here, too, batteries have become a thing of the past. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the illumination that can be generated by sunlight or a hand generator. Dynamo torch with 3 LED and integrated solar panel. Black plastic and rubberized housing. The dynamo produces 30 minutes light after only one minutes cranking. 5 hrs of sunlight are required for a similar result.


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