Basic Nature automuki ruostumaton teräs 0

Basic Nature automuki ruostumaton teräs 0,45L


Ruostumattomasta teräksestä valmistettu auton termosmuki joka pitää juoman sekä kuumana, että kylmänä.

Paino: 345g
Jalan hakaisija 6,3cm, mukin korkeus 15cm
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The car mug from the BasicNature stainless steel thermo mug series. Very nice finish of the stainless steel surfaces in brushed finish. Double-walled and with lid (with drinking opening) – therefore thermally advantageous. Keeps warm or cold for a long time. Nothing is spilled and the drinks are protected against insects and other environmental influences. The floor is provided with a non-slip rubber pad. Due to the tapered foot this cup fits into most common car holders.

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