Bo-Camp alu mat 125x191cm


Light weight foam mat with an insulating aluminium foil layer
Extra insulation, therefore also useful during colder conditions
Due to its compact size, it is easy to take along on the road or backpacking
Can be combined with inflatable beds or SI-mattresses for added insulation

Colour: Silver
Material: Polyethylene
Product length 125
Product width: 190
Nett weight: 0,1
Length packing: 63
Width packing: 15
Height packing: 8
Weight packing: 0,15
Type consumer packaging: Plastic packaging with insert Polyethylene

A very compact sleeping mat. This foam mat has an insulating aluminium foil layer that reflects heat into the sleeping bag. This also makes it ideal as extra insulation. After use this mat can be rolled up extra compact and transported due to the fold seam in the centre. Packed (ØxL): 9.5×63 centimetres.

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