Bo-Camp Safari kattilasarja


7 osainen kattilasetti. Alumiini materiaalin ansiosta erittäin kevyt 1100g).  Pakattavissa toistensa sisään vähän tilaa vieväksi paketiksi (14x21cm). Kattiloiden tilavuus 1.8, 2,1 ja 3,3L Complete 7-part light weight cooking set The set consists of 3 sauce pans, 2 frying pans, a stacking ring and a pot handle. Made from sturdy and light weight aluminium These aluminium pans can be used on gas, ceramic and electrical heat sources. This set is fully nestable and can be attached by means of the supplied strap. Old-fashioned pans with modern quality 7-Part fully stackable cookware set Comprising 3 cooking pans, 2 frying pans that also serve as lids, a pan and a strap and staple ring Stored together in 1 compact set, tied together with the included strap Ideal for on the way or when camping Material: Aluminium Product height 14cm Product diameter: 20cm Nett weight: 1,1Kg