Bo-Camp taitettava istuinalusta 35x28cm


Miellyttävän tuntuinen istuinalunen käytettäväksi mm. maata vasten, tapahtumissa ulkopenkeille, leirintäkäytössä jne. Helppo puhdistaa. Mitat 35 x 28 x 0,8, pakattuna 3,5×26,7×11,7cm, paino 50g Comfortable foldup seat flap Foldable in 4-parts, ensuring added comfort Can also be used for added comfort in for instance a camping chair Easy to clean and folds into a compact package Dimensions (lxwxh): 35 x 28 x 0,8 centimetre Material: Polyethylene Product length 35 Product width: 28 Product height 0,8 Nett weight: 0,05 Length packing: 3,5 Width packing: 26,7 Height packing: 11,7 Weight packing: 0,05 Type consumer packaging: Paper / cardboard wrapper A comfortable folding seat flap. Provides extra comfort on any desired seat. The seat flap can be used on the ground, on a wall, a stadium seat or even in a camping chair. After use this 4 part folding seat cushion is easy to clean and store.