Brändi säädettävä grilliritilä nuotiolle


Säädettävä, pieneen tilaan pakattava grilliriritilä nuotiolle.
Helposti käännettävissä täyttöä ja tyhjennystä varten. Kiinnittyy tukevasti maahan. Grilliritilä CrNi terästä. Mukana suojakassi

A grill for ’on the road’ but of first-class workmanship. The parts are rust-proof, easy to clean and simple to stow away. Grill height can be adjusted at will and it can be turned easily off the fire for ’loading’ and ’unloading’. The 2-piece stake screws together and is pushed into the ground. The handle and the grill are then suspended from the stake. It is large enough to give a welcome calorific injection fot weary travellers or hungry grill party-goers. The grill is made from CrNi steel and is technically excellent. (not to be confused with chrome plated models which flake and rust. The remaining parts are of lead-free aluminium (AlMgSi 0.5). At 750g cleanly, hygienically and easily transportable in its nylon pack-sack. A grill for every situation.

cooking area 37 x 22 cm
packing dimensions 38 x 23 x 2 cm
750 g