Campingaz Camp Stove Oven uuni


Mitat 40 x 50 x 25 cm, 18,5 kg
Sisämitta 23 x 33 cm
lieden suorituskyky  2 x 800 W
uunin suorituskyky  900 W (250°C)
uunin kulutus 65 g/h
lieden kulutus 2 x 131 g/h
uunin ja lieden kulutus 327 g/h

Two burner cooker and oven in one unit. The ultimate companion for campers and holiday home owners. Whether or pizza pie, baking or keeping warm – everything is possible now. In addition to conventional cooking facilities for the convenient gas stove there is a full gas stove included. The cover of the cooker can be used as wind protection and similarly, the small shelves laterally next to the hob. The unit is equipped with Instastart ignition and safety pilot and offers convenient options for your outdoor kitchen. In compact form and with strong handles really good to carry. Not for use in closed rooms. The cooker runs with standard 5 or 11 kg gas bottles or Campingaz gas cylinder (regulator and bottle are not included!).
Practical instastart ignition
2 x fully adjustable 1800 W burners
Consumption stove: 131 g/h + 131 g/h
Runtime: 11h 45mn (R907)
Boil Time: 7 min
Convenient oven large enough to fit a 30cm Pizza
Consumption Oven: 65g/h
Runtime Oven: 46 h (R907)
Simultanous operation (Oven+Stove):
Consumption : 327g/h
Runtime : 9h (R907)
Product Dimensions: 69 x 47 x 38 cm
Oven Dimensions: 37 x 34 x 14 cm
Weight: 18.5kg
Removable dual position stove grate