Cgear Sand Free hiekkavapaa rantamatto


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Uutuus! Laadukas rantamatto Cgearilta jonka patentoitu rakenne päästää maton päälle joutuneen hiekan maton läpi. Ominaisuudesta huolimatta maton pinta on miellyttävä ja puhdistettavissa helposti. Mainio tuote mm. picnicille, rannalle, tapahtumiin jne. Saatava kolmessa ei koossa. Väri sininen Pieni: 2x1m, 1,4KgKeskikoko: 2×1,55m, paino 2,1KgSuuri: 2x2m, Paino 2,7Kg RUG provides a smooth top surface which comes in many different colors and can be seen as an extension to a picnic blanket and beach towel. The RUG has a smooth top layer so is designed to lay directly on. The unique benefit to our product is that we minimize Sand, Dirt & Dust in your outdoor environment however as the RUG is made from resilient materials it is easily cleaned therefore is an all-round outdoor RUG to place in the back of the car to take to the beach, soccer games, picnics, anything! No machine washing – simply wash with a hose. 3 sizes available – 1, 2 & 4 person Utilizing the same patented technology as the Mat the CGear Sand-Free Rug deliver some more options available in S , M, L. The Rug collection offers 4 attractive colors and patterns on a soft top layer allowing you to sit directly on the Rug. The Multi-Rug is perfect for picnic and beach entertainment replacing the tired beach towel or picnic blanket.