Coleman 2 in 1 taitettava retkipöytä


122 x 48 x 74 cm pöytä pakattavissa taittomekanisminsa avulla pieneen tilaan salkuksi. Pöydän alla säilytyslokerot. Kestävä rakenne.
Pakattuna mitat 
122 x 48 x 10 cm. Paino 5,6 kg
Uusi antimikrobi teknologia

The ideal kitchen table for tents and pavilions. The a big work surface and additional storage space which can be hooked up under the table. Of course it is foldable to a very small dimension thus easy to transport. Made of rugged materials and equipped with the new, antimicrobial technology. By that, smell, fungus and germs are suppressed. The table remains hygienically clean.

assembled 122 x 48 x H 74 cm

packed 122 x 48 x 10 cm, 5,6 kg