Coleman Comfort Bed Compact Double ilmasänky kahdelle


Kompaktin kokoinen ilmasänky kahdelle. Erityisesti telttoihin joissa makuutila normaalia pienempi. Patentoitu doublelock venttiili takaa ilmatiiveyden. Mitat 189 (pituus) x120 (leveys) x17 (paksuus)cm. Maksimi painonkesto 295Kg

Coleman ’Comfort’ beds are comfortable comfortable and hard wearing air mattresses, suitable for family tents, guest beds, travelling beds and lying around in the garden! They have a cunning Airtight system which allows easy, quick inflation and guarantees airtightness. The ’Double’-Version has 2 chambers which enhances both comfort and a quiet night – when you bounce your partner doesn’t! Operational in minutes with the Quick Pump (Single approx. 1 min., double approx. 2 min.).

inflated 189 x 120 x 17cm
30 coils, 2,6 kg
Lying surface 0,6 mm velour
Bottom and sides PVC 0,4 mm smooth
max. load 295 kg

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