Coleman ice box Esky 55 kylmälaukku ammattikäyttöön

Coleman ice box Esky 55 kylmälaukku ammattikäyttöön


Markkinoiden tehokkain kylmälaukku ammattikäyttöön. Pitää sisällön viileänä jopa 168 h

The most powerful cooling box on the market. Ideal for every professional application, extreme stress and best cooling performance. The box has a lid with integrated cutting board and rubber joint, a scratch-proof external coating with UV-protection, plastic clamps for not leaving any scratches on the ground, a integrated stowing compartment, swing handles with rope, opening for harnesses for fastening in a boat or a car, bolt locks made of gum and a possiblity to secure the box with a lock (the lock is not included).

Außen 70 x 50 x 50 cm, 13,2 Kg
Innen 43 x 27 x 34 cm
Kühlleistung bis zu 168 h
PU-Schaum in Korpus (5,1 cm), Deckel und Boden (je 6,4 cm)
HDPE (Polyethylen), antibakteriell, mit UV-Schutz

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