Coleman Xtreme kylmälaukku 50QT Marine pyörillä


Coleman Xtreme® Marine kylmälaukut on suunniteltu erityisesti käytettäväksi kuumassa auringossa. UVGuard ™ väri suojaa kylmälaukkua torjuen keltaisen värin ja halkeilun aiheuttamaa altistumista auringolle. Helppo kuljettaa pyörien ansiosta. Yhdessä kaikki nämä Coleman Xtreme® kylmälaukkuominaisuudet tekevät näistä täydellisen kalastajille ja päivän rannalla viettäville. Jää säilyy kaapin sisällä sulamatta 5 päivän ajan ulkolämpötilan ollessa enintään 32 astetta. Tilavuus 47 L. Mitat 46cm (korkeus) x 44cm (leveys) x syvyys (58cm). Kylmälaukun max. kuorma (voi istua päällä) 113 kg Kylmälaukkuun mahtuu 84 tölkkiä (0.33L) Tilavuus 47L antimikrobinen suoja teleskooppikahva kestävät pyörät UV-estäjä Pitää jopa 5 päivää jäätä sulamatta  Paino: 5,5 kg Valitse kylmäpatruuna mukaan tästä A must-have for fishermen, Coleman® Marine Coolers are designed specifically for use in the hot sun. UVGuard™ reflective color additives protect the cooler, fighting against yellow discoloration and cracking caused by sun exposure. Coleman Xtreme® Marine coolers are also designed with premium insulation technology and durable stainless steel hardware on the hinges. Combined with all of the Coleman Xtreme® cooling-qualities, these coolers offer additional sun-blocking-features perfect for outdoorsmen, fishermen, or a day at the beach!The 50QT Wheeled Xtreme Cooler offers over 45L of capacity and the convenience of wheels.Holds 84 Cans (0.33L)Capacity 47Lantimicrobial protectiontelescopic handledurable wheelsUV blockerCooling performances: 5 days iceWeight: 5.5 kgThick, Premium PU InsulationTests show that cooling loss is 30% through the top and 30% through the base.New models feature increased insulation in the lid and base, and reduced insulation onthe sides, resulting in smaller exterior dimensions yet retaining interior capacity and performance.We uses polyurethane, the highest quality insulation material available on the market – utilizing up to 30% more insulation.Increased EfficiencyWhen a cooler comes in contact with a hot floor, heat is transferred directly to the cooler. If the cooler is lifted off of the ground, the heat is transferred through the air in the gap (air is a great insulator). Cooler have two integrated, rounded feet providing the perfect amount of space for air to flow.Research indicates that the most performance efficient shape for a cooler is spherical, as this is not practical we have angled the corners of selected models to further enhance performance.Antimicrobial Liner – Resists odor, mold and mildewAntimicrobial effect is obtained from an additive which is melted down into the plastic before it’s molded into the liner. This means the antimicrobial layer is “there for life” and cannot be scratched off or weaken over time.- Resists mold and mildew growth- Blocks unpleasant odors from developingStainless steel hinges and screwsAll metal components on this cooler are made from premium stainless steel. This prevents the screws and hinges from rusting or eroding over time in salt-water environments.UV Protectant – Prohibits damage from sun exposureThe outer case and lid of the cooler is injected with a UV inhibitor. The cooler is protected from constant sun exposure and will protect against yellowing and cracking, which can often occur if the cooler is kept permanently on a boat or dock.