Combi vesikanisteri, useita kokoja 5-35L


Juomavedelle tai muille nestemäisille elintarvikkeille hana Vahva ja iskunkestävä Tukeva for drinking water and liquid foodstuffs with drainage tap (except 5 litres) with flexible outlet (except 35 litres) robust and impact-resistant locking cap protected against getting lost outlet tube is stored in the canister high stability thanks to large footprint   Mitat  leveys x syvyys x korkeus 5L Koko 33 x 15 x 25,1cm, 5L 10L Koko: 34,8 x 17,4  x31,9cm, 10L 15L Koko: 35,2 x 17,5 x 41,8cm, 15L 20L Koko: 41,6 x 20,3 x40,8cm 20L, 35L Koko: 41,5 x 24,8 x 53,7cm, 35L