Disc Bunk Orange matkakerrossänky


Erittäin laadukas vahvarakenteinen pieneen tilaan pakkautuva matkakerrossänky sopii reissukäytön lisäksi mm. kotiin vierassängyksi. Voidaan asentaa myös kahdeksi erilliseksi sängyksi ja muuntuu myös matkasohvaksi. 
Sängyn mitat (nukkumatila) 201x75cm. Paino 31Kg.
Mitat pakattuna 83.5cm x 54.5cm x 24cm.
Maksimi painonkesto 159Kg per sänky
Nopea ja helppo kasata, ei vaadi työkaluja! Mukana kuljetuspussi
Sängyn pyöreät jalat estävä pohjamaton rikkoontumisen kun telttakäytössä (vain kerrossänkykäytössä koska toisen sängyn jalat suorat)
The original Disc-Bed, Disc-Bunk is newly revamped and definitely the ’coolest’ looking addition to the DISC-O-BEDTM family. The vibrant orange Polyester mat with silver bed end frames is surely not to go unnoticed. Created to withstand emergency relief situations, Disc-Bunk is also the perfect conversation starter at home when you find yourself in need of an extra sleep solution.
Definite Height Advantage over other Disc-Bed products, by offering you a cot system that is 17” (43cm) off the ground, with additional storage space underneath
Bunkable When Needed Most, to accommodate those displaced immediately especially in relief aid situations to maximise available floor space available  
Easy No-Tool Assembly, thanks to a modular disc system that conveniently fits together, disassembles, and stores in a compact carry bag when not in use
Converts to a Bench for additional seating during the day or two single cots by night, allowing for a flexible living space with little effort
Accessorize for Additional Comfort with a side organizer, storage cabinet or mosquito net and frame – purchase one or more to ensure your maximum comfort
Silver, powder coated, anti rust steel frame
Outer dimensions: 81.75” (208cm) L x 32.5” (82.5cm) W x 46.5” (118.5cm) H
Sleep area: 79” (201cm) L x 27.75” (70.5cm) W
Height of bottom cot: 17” (43cm)
Height of top cot: 43.25” (110cm)
Pack dimensions: 32.75” (83.5cm) L x 21.5” (54.5cm) W x 9.5” (24cm) H
Weight of bunk: 68.25lbs (31kg)
Shipping weight (in box): 70lbs (32kg)
Weight tolerance: 350lbs (159kg) – per single cot
Consists Of
2 Single silver cots
4 Straight end frames
2 Orange Polyester mats
8 Black discs
8 Swaged side rails
4 Straight side rails
4 Square foot plugs
2 Orange canvas carry bags
4 Stack adapters
2 Locking straps