Eagle Creek TSA hyväksytty vaijeri numerolukko


Eagle Creekin laadukas numerolukko vaijerilla. Lenkin pituus n. 1,6 cm ja halkaisija n. 1.1 cm . Kaapelin paksuus on noin 2 mm ja pituus 1,37 m. TSA hyväksytty. Painevalettu sinkki runko, teräs lukkokaari, vinyyli pinnoitettu. Travel safe and secure with Eagle Creek's Travel Sentry certified locks. Airport-security screeners have a secured set of codes and tools to open these locks for inspection, when necessary, without damaging the locks.  Accepted and recognized by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Die-cast zinc body, steel shackle, vinyl coated Two-in-one combination lock and cable Resettable three-dial combination; cable length: about 1,37m Dimensions: 3,8 x 3,2cm Valmistajan tuotenumero: EC041028013