Easy Camp Cay Aqua Blue aurinkotuoli


Rantatuoli, jossa 5 eri selkänojan asentoa pystystä makuulle. Mitat 55 x 182 x 24 cm (leveys x pituus x korkeus). Koko pakattuna 55 x 65 x 7.5 cm. Paino 4Kg. Enimmäis painonkesto 90Kg. Istuinkorkeus 24cm.Kangas kudottua ja pinnoitettua 100% polyesteria. Runko kestävää terästä.

Laze the day away in the Easy Camp Cay Aqua Blue sunbed. With five reclining positions that go from flat up to a chair, there’s lots of choice for serious relaxation. Take a snooze under an umbrella in the bed position, elevate to read a book, or sit upright to eat. With all of you, including your feet, off the sand, gritty sandwiches and sunscreen are a thing of the past.


Fabric: Textilene 100% woven polyester, coated
Frame: Steel
Seat height: 24 cm
Size: 55 x 182 x 24 cm (WxLxH)
Pack size: 55 x 65 x 7.5 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Max load: 90 kg

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