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ECOlunchbox 3-in-1 Splash Box eväsrasiat


Ruostumattomasta teräksestä valmistettu eväsrasia setti on yhteensä vajaa litran kokoinen. Silikoni kansilla varustetut ylin rasia ja sisällä oleva pieni rasia ovat tiiviitä, eivätkä vuoda.  Setti yhteen pakattuna: 10,8 x 14,6 x wide x 9,5 cm (leveys x pituus x korkeus).Alin rasia: 384ml, Ylin rasia: 414ml. Pienin snack-rasia: 148ml. Muovi- ja kemikaalivapaa. Kestää uunissa lämmittämistä, mutta ei suunniteltu mikroon laitettavaksi. Kestää asianpesukone pesua.  This plastic-free lunch packer has it all when it comes to convenience. Holding 4 cups of food, it straps together with a wavy silicone band that attaches to a wave-shaped latch. The nubby waves on the strap are non-slip and easy to use for all ages. The entire set is dishwasher and oven safe.  We’ve learned that most people like to pack three foods for lunchtime, so we’re betting you’ll love how conveniently it works to tuck a small sandwich downstairs and a couple of side dishes in the large container and Mini Splash Pod upstairs. Or you can pull the Mini Splash Pod out, freeing up more space upstairs, and pack it separately on top. Our 3-in-1 Splash Box is 100% plastic-free, crafted from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel topped with silicone lids. Because it does not contain plastic, the lunchbox is free of all estrogen-mimicking chemicals, such as bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, and bisphenol-S (BPS). Total capacity is 946ml (32 oz). Bottom section: 384ml (13 oz). Top section: 414ml (14 oz.). Snack container: 148ml (5 oz). When assembled, the modular container measures 10,8 cm (4 ¼ inches) wide x 14,6cm (5 ¾ inches) long x 9,5cm (3 ¾ inches) tall. The top level is 4,5cm (1 ¾) deep. The bottom layer is 3,8cm (1 ½ inches) deep. The Mini Splash Pod measures 8,3cm (3 ¼ inches) long, 6,4cm (2 ½ inches) wide and 4,5cm (1 ¾ inches) tall.