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ENO Helios Ultralight riippumaton kiinnitysnarut


Kevyt mutta erittäin vahva riippumattojen kiinnitysnarusetti. Tämän setin avulla riippumaton kiinnitys on nopeaa ja vaivatonta, ilman solmuja. Narut puupinnalle ystävällisiä. Kestää 136kg painon. Mitat 2,46m x 2,54cm. Mitat pakattuna: 7,6cm x 12,7cm. Paino: 122g.  Helios, Titan god of the sun, was light, strong and powerful – just like our Helios Suspension System. Crafted from super-strong Dyneema® line with a polyester blend tree sling, the Helios sets up in a flash and provides superior adjustment with a bury splice. Measuring just over 8 feet and able to accommodate even the most awkward of spacing, this techy, tree-friendly strap breaks legendary boundaries for hammockers. Features: ENO's Lightest Suspension System, Microtune™ Adjustable System, Super Strong Dyneema® Fiber and No Knots Needed Set Up. Capacity: 136kgDimensions: 2,46m x 2,54cmDimensions (packed): 7,6 x 12,7cmWeight: 142g Valmistajan tuotenumero: HS001