Evoc Duffle Bag matkakassi 40L


Superkestävä ja käytännössä hajoamaton laukku matkoille, salille jne. Pehmustettujen kantohihnojen ansiosta laukkua on miellyttävä kantaa myös selässä (hihnat irrotettavissa). Alumiinisten kiinnityssolkien ansiosta laukku säätyy automaattisesti hartioittesi leveyden mukaan. Sisällä ja päädyssä kätevät taskut pienemmille tavaroille. Säätöremmien ansiosta saat pakattua laukun kompaktiksi myös silloin kun siellä on vähemmän tavaraa. Vie tyhjänä erittäin vähän tilaa. Valmistettu PVC vapaasta vedenpitävästä tarpaulin materiaalista. Vetoketjuun saa kiinnitettyä lukon.   Mitat: S 40 l, 1100 g, 50 x 30 x 25 cm M 60 l, 1400 g, 60 x 35 x 30 cm  L 100 l, 1800 g, 70 x 40 x 35 cm The EVOC DUFFLE BAG water-resistant expedition and travel bag provides plenty of storage space and various carrying options. SPECIFICATIONS S 40 l, 1100 g, 50 x 30 x 25 cm M 60 l, 1400 g, 60 x 35 x 30 cm  L 100 l, 1800 g, 70 x 40 x 35 cm 100% PVC free Outside pocket (water-resistant zipper) Removable carrying straps Lockable zipper at main compartment TECHNOLOGY ario-flexario-flex The BRACE LINK adjusts the shoulder belts perfectly to the width of the athletes shoulders. This automatically adjustment endorse the load transfer to the body's centre of gravity, while at the same time the contact areas with back and shoulders are minimized. Even wearing a neck brace is possbile through the BRACE LINK. MATERIAL EVA EVA is a soft foam material with superior damping qualities, while its closed cell structure prevents moisture from entering. It's an ideal combination for creating the contact surfaces of our back sections or for use as protection in exposed areas. EVOC TARPAULIN Tarpaulin, a strong, flexible and waterproof material is normally made of polyester coated with PVC, however, EVOC uses a woven polyamide fabric coated with EPO® on both sides which results in an advanced material with environmental properties: free of PVC, extremely durable, very light, waterproof and insensitive to temperature changes.   EPO® is better than PVC, because: • Chlorine-free + azo free • No Dioxine, heavy metals or phthalates  • No ozone depletioned substances • No stain of paint • Higher flexibility + lower density • Enhanced durability + tensile strength  • Improved UV resistance • Enhanced cold temperature performance • High water resistance P600 D PU COATED A very durable fabric for high-abrasion areas, it is also tear-resistant and lightweight while absorbing almost no moisture. Combining these characteristics, it’s the perfect material for high-stress pockets or backpack base constructions. SPANDEX The stretching properties of this elastic, heavy-duty fabric mean that it can be used for flexible pockets. We also use this material to cover the shoulder straps and back sections of our backpacks.