Evoc Wash Bag toilettelaukku, useita värejä


Huippuhyvä ja kätevän kokoinen toilettilaukku, monine osioineen sekä taskuineen ripustuskoukku useita lokeroita, taskuja  irroitettava peili hammasharjan pidike ( 4 harjalle ). Mitat: 4 l, 250 g, 26 x 17 x 10 cm   Our EVOC WASH BAG is a toilet bag with individual compartments and creative features for your every-day routine while travelling. SPECIFICATIONS 4 l, 250 g, 26 x 17 x 10 cm Attachment hook for hanging up Partitioning (individual) Necessity pocket (water-resistant) Pocket mirror (removable) Tooth brush holder (for up to 4 tooth brushes)   MATERIAL P600 D PU COATED A very durable fabric for high-abrasion areas, it is also tear-resistant and lightweight while absorbing almost no moisture. Combining these characteristics, it’s the perfect material for high-stress pockets or backpack base constructions.