Fjord Nansen Hiking makuualusta


Warm, thick and comfortable self inflating mat. Perfect for overnight camping trip and a motor.

It gives you comfortable rest after a full day of hiking and great insulation from the cold ground. Upon deployment of mats sponge located in the interior of the mat expands and fills with air alone. At the end you blow into the mat 1-2 times and screw cap. When you wrap the mat same air escapes, which allows for a significant reduction in the volume of the package. Then it can be easily attached to you backpack.

Repair kit included.

Weight [g]: 2000
Material: poliester, TPU
Sack: no
Thickness [cm]: 5
Colour: blue
R value (thermal resistance): 4,5
Dimensions [cm]: 196 x 63 x 5
Pack size: 63 x 22

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