Gear Aid Sympatex materiaalin korjauspaikat, musta


Pitävät ja kestävät SympaTex materiaalille tehdyt Sympatex korjauspaikat. Itseliimautuva. Sopii myös muille materiaaleille.

Paketissa kaksi paikkaa

1kpl 10 x 5 cm
1kpl Ø 7,6 cm

Many high-end outdoor garments are SympaTex® based so we have added the relevant patches to complement these. The patches are made of the original SympaTex® fabric making it the only authorised kit on the market. Set for perfect repair of SympaTex® fabrics. Two patches of pressure-sensitive SympaTex® fabric as repair patches for cracks or holes. Also excellently suited for other materials with high adhesive strength.

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