Go Travel Camera Case kameralaukku


Tämä tyylikäs kameralaukku on täydellinen suojaamaan useimpia kameroita. 

  • Materiaali: Neopreeni
  • Paino: 17 g
  • Koko: L 12.7 x K 8.1 x S 1.5 cm


This stylish camera case is perfect for protecting most compact digital cameras. Designed to absorb shock and protect from surface damage, this neoprene case is simple yet efficient. The high-density fabric safeguards against everyday scratches and scuffs whilst also absorbing impact should you accidentally knock or drop your device.

  • Material: Mock Neoprene
  • Product Weight: 17 g
  • Product Size: W 12.7 x H 8.1 x D 1.5


  • Protective digital camera case
  • High-density neoprene
  • Absorbs shock if device is dropped
  • Safe & secure
  • Fits most compact digital cameras