GoGlow PJ Mask Catboy 2-in-1 yövalo ja taskulamppu


PJ Masks Catboy hahmo yövalo ja taskulamppu. Pehmeä ja periksi antava. Aseta pöydälle yövaloksi. Nostamalla hahmoa taskulamppu syttyy automaattisesti.

Toimii kolmella AAA-paristolla, ei kuulu pakkaukseen. Tilaa tästä

Switch on the fun and brighten bedtime with the GoGlow Buddy. The perfect bedtime buddy, this soft and squishy, 2 in 1 night light and torch offers a friendly face at lights-out with its reassuring glow and handy torch. Simply sit the character down and watch it glow, helping children drift off dreaming after a busy day of play. To activate the torch, pick the character up and it magically lights up – ideal for boosting bedtime bravery for little ones needing reassurance at night.

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