Grand Canyon Cruise Kid itsestääntäyttyvä lasten makuualusta


Itsestääntäyttyvä lasten 4cm korkea makuualusta. Mitat 160 x 51 x 4 cm. Koko pakattuna: 16 x 29 cm. Paino 1000g. Sisältää pakkaus säilytyspussin ja korjaussarjan. Anti-slip liukumaton pohja. R-arvo 2,5. Miellyttävä harjattu pinta.


The Cruise series from Grand Canyon offers a wide range of self-inflating insulating mats and cushions.

The materials used in all the mats and cushions in the Cruise series from Grand Canyon are identical – they are sturdy and hard-wearing. There is also no difference in the type of design and the high quality workmanship.

The decisive factor is merely the depth of the PU foam used and the sizes of the mats.

From the thick mat, which offers a high level of insulation and comfort, via weight-optimised versions up to mats for children or two people – select a model geared to your individual requirements.

With most of the models you also have the option of choosing a trendy colour of your taste.

Despite the variety of mats – they all have one thing in common: Thanks to the high quality materials and careful workmanship, all the models satisfy the highest requirements and promise you a lot of enjoyment from the product.


Very light – only 1 kg
Small pack size
Anti-slip base
Brushed surface for more comfort
Packing bag
MAT TYPE Self-inflating foam mat 
MAT SHAPE Rectangular 


Length : 160 cm
Height : 4 cm
Width : 51 cm
Weight : 1,000 g


Pack size : 16 x 29 cm

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