GSI Essential pitkä lusikka


Pitkä silikonireunuksinen lusikka  ruuanlaittoon. Reunusten avulla kulhojen kaapiminen sujuu vaivattomasti. Ultra kestävä silikoni kahva ja lusikka. Pituus 25,4cm.
New! Long-handle spoon gives you further reach and the Silicone edge allows you to scoop and scrape with ease.
Ultra sturdy long nylon handle and bowl.
Convenient silicone spoon bowl and edge.
MAJOR DIMENSION: 9.9 inchWEIGHT: 1 oz.DIMENSIONS: 9.9” x 2.0” x 0.7”MATERIAL: Nylon and SiliconePRODUCT USE: Ultralight Backpacking, Gourmet Backpacking, Car Camping, Day Use
INCLUDES: Silicone-Tipped, Nylon Spoon

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