High Peak Comfort Plus ilmasänky kahdelle integroidulla jalkapumpulla


High Peak ilmasänky kahdelle integroidulla jalkapumpulla. Koko: 197 x 138 x 20 cm, Koko pakattuna 38x28x13,5.
Erittäin pehmeä päällinen, liukumaton pohja
PVC Tarpaulin – Upper Side Viscose
MEASUREMENT: ca. 197 x 138 x 20 cm aufgeblasen
PACKING: 38 x 28 x 13,5 cm
COLORS: grey – blue

• Build in pump
• Strong coil beam construction
• Extra soft organically Viscose surface
• Speed valve to deflate
• Max. loading 250 kg
• Phthalate free
• anti-skid function

Airbed for indoor and outdoor use. Soft organically Viscose surface offer incomparable comfort. Special coil beam construction well balanced for good rest and sweet dreams. Easy to inflate with build in pump or double action pump. The anti-skid function on the bottom prevents slipping on smooth surface

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