Lifeventure Hydrofibre matkapyyhe


Erittäin kevyt ja pehmeän tuntuinen HydroFibre matkapyyhe. Kompakti koko. Hajuja hylkivä käsittely.  Kuivuu 15 kertaa nopeammin kuin tavallinen pyyhe. Sitoo vettä itseensä 5 kertaa painonsa verran. Mukana kuljetuspussi. Mitat:Large: 110 x 65cm – 98gX Large: 130 x 75cm – 130g Mitat pakattuna:Large: 14 x 9 x 2cmX Large: 17 x 10 x 2cm Polygiene käsittely (Käsitelty biosidiaineella.) saattaa aiheuttaa herkemmille allergisen reaktion.   The HydroFibre Travel Towel is our lightest and most compact towel. It also dries quicker than any other towel on the market, making it perfect for adventurers, athletes and adrenaline junkies. It can absorb 5 times its own weight in water and dries 15 times faster than a conventional towel. It also comes with a compact carry case. It’s the perfect travel companion, no matter how far your adventure takes you. HydroFibre – lightweight soft-feel fabricUltra lightweight, super compact and absorbentTreated with Polygiene® permanent odour controlDries 15x faster than a standard beach towelAbsorbs 5x its own weight in waterComes in a lightweight ripstop carry case Dimensions (unpacked)Pocket: 37 x 37cm – 24gLarge: 110 x 65cm – 98gX Large: 130 x 75cm – 130g Dimensions (packed)Pocket: 10 x 10 x 1.5cmLarge: 14 x 9 x 2cmX Large: 17 x 10 x 2cm