Mawaii SunCare suojakerroin 20


WOSH Sun Care has been specifically developed for outdoor sports. The highly effective body lotion cares for and protects the skin, is rapidly absorbed and is water and sweat resistant. There is no greasy film and the skin can continue to breathe. The Dermo K3OS formula (Candle Tree extract) protects the skin cells against UV radiation, airborne pollutants and free radicals. Panthenol, Jojuba, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera revitalize the skin and are suitable for every skin type and age group. It causes no burning in the eyes and because it contains neither Parabene, Cinnamate, Benzophenon nor Camphor derivates it poses no danger to coral. Parabene is not only dangerous for coral, it can have an allergic reaction and cause early skin ageing when combined with UV radiation. The unique outdoor sports protection with Dermo K3OS Formula* – Active Outdoor DNA. Dermatological tested and hypo-allergic. Suitable for every skin type and age group. 750520