Nalgene Everyday Grip-n-Gulp oranssi 0,35 L


Nalgenen lasten juomapullon muotoilu on suunniteltu erityisesti lapsien käsille . Roisketiivis kuminen kansi on varustettu venttiilillä ja siinä on muovinen juomaosa.. Pullo kestää hyvin myös rankempaa käyttöä kuten pudotuksia latttialle.  The side mouldings on this bottle are designed specifically for children´s hands and the new `Tritan´ Ô material absorbs neither odour or taste. Its splash proof closure is rubberised, secured by a valve and has a specially formed plastic mouthpiece. By means of the large hole in the lid it can be attached to a day pack, rucksack or pram (a karabiner is useful). The bottles are strong enough to withstand dropping and are ideal for feeding children. Bottle, lid and leak proof valve are suitable for washing-up machines. Ø 5,2 x 18 cm, Hals Ø 5,3 cm, 125 g 078705