Nordisk Hermod untuvatossu


Erittäin pehmeät ja lämpimät untuvakengät. Sopii mainiosti esim telttailuun, matkalle oleskelutossuiksi tai vaikka kotiin. Pohjassa siikoninen liukumisenesto printti. Tossut pakkautuvat pieneen tilaan. Mukana kuljetuspussi. Paino n. 185g riippuen koosta. Tehty kestävistä ja laadukkaista materiaaleista.

Materiaali: kuori 100% orgaanista puuvillaa
Päällinen: 100% Polyester Fleece + 100% orgaanista puuvilla flanellia.
Täyte: Untuvaa

The Hermod down shoe is a very soft and very warm down shoe optimal for keeping your feet warm no matter the conditions. It is equipped with an insulating sole and a durable shell filled with soft down – and with the ultra soft and patterned furry lining inside, Hermod will protect your freezing feet and provide a nice, cosy and warm feeling – in a sleeping bag, a tent or at home. On the sole it has an anti-slip nordisk silicone print for a firm stand, and the packable construction makes it extremely compressible and thereby easy to carry. Hermod comes in a practical and packable mesh pouch for minimum pack size.


Total weight excl. pack sack : 185 g


cool down shoe with a classic touch
ultra soft lining
very soft down
elastic drawcord
very compressible
very durable materials
anti-slip branded sole
integrated roll-up pack sack
multi-use carry bag

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