Outwell Deepsleep Double 7.5cm makuualusta kahdelle


Outwell Deepsleep Double 7.5cm makuualusta kahdelle. Laadukkaat materiaalit ja 7,5cm korkeus takaavat hyvät yöunet. epätasaisemmassakin maastossa. Voidaan käyttää myös vierasvuoteena. Koko: 190 x 130 x 7,5 cm (PxLxK), Koko pakattuna: 68 x 25 cm, Paino  n. 4.4 kg

Carefully specified hard-wearing, quality fabrics work with top foam and valve selection to deliver a mattress as close in style and comfort to home as any camper is likely to enjoy. The Big Brass valve complements the micro Suede top fabric to offer a luxury look that reflects its reliable performance. The Deepsleep Double 7.5cm is ideal for tents and a bonus bed for home use.

Kangas: Top: synthetic micro suede 100% polyester, bottom: 190T 75D 100% polyester
Koko: 190 x 130 x 7,5 cm (PxLxK)
Koko pakattuna: 68 x 25 cm
Paino  n. 4.4 kg

Two valves for easy inflation/deflation
Brass valves for maximum durability
Heavy duty fabrics for maximum durability
Horizontal air channels to reduce weight and pack size
Fast fit carrybag for easy storage and portability

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