Outwell ECOcool Blue 24L 12V/230V kylmälaukku


Outwell ECOcool Grey 24L 12V kylmälaukku
The EEI classified Eco cooler is packed with the latest technology used in saving energy. Designed for the European ECO legislation the ECOcool coolbox keep contents approx 20 degrees below the outside temperature and is indispensable for picnics and camping trips.
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Koko: 44 x 28 x 41 cm (LxSxK)
Paino: n. 6 kg
Tilavuus: 24L
EEI Classified ECO cooler Can be used with either 12V or 230V Inside icepack divider Optimal ventilation performance Energy saving Variable handle position Two functions: ECOcool / max. Latest technology used for saving energy PU Insulated for best performance Designed to comply with European ECO legislation Hidden and protected cable entry Fold flat handle Cooling and heating function Cools 18-25C below outside temperature Warms 50-60C.

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