Outwell Feast kattilasarja M

Outwell Feast kattilasarja M


A nice cooking set made of non-stick coated aluminium. It consists of a big kettle (volume of 3 liters) with non removable handles, a smaller kettle (volume of 1,5 liter) as well as a frying pan (diameter of 20 cm) with removable handles each. A lid which can be used for the big kettle as well as the frying pan completes the set. It’s very well nestable and furnished with an iron enclosure. Thus it can be used with an induction furnace.

 Technical specifications
Material:     Aluminium with non-stick finish
Pack size:     32 x 20 x 15 cm (WxDxH)

    1 pot (3L)
    1 saucepan (1.5L) with detachable handle
    1 frying pan (20 cm) with detachable handle
    1 lid (fits pot and frying pan)
    Soft touch handles
    Can be used on induction hobs
    Stainless steel lid
    Packs together neatly for storage and transport

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