Peli ProGear cooler Elite kylmälaukut 33-62L


Really professional cooler with high quality equipment. The strong isolation and the sophisticated, rugged design result in a first-class cooler. Wide, sturdy handles (also for use with gloves), stainless steel fittings, easily operable snap locks, built-in brackets for fixation in the car, boat or camper. Inclined bottom with drain for cleaning or draining of water (also suitable for hose connection) as well as the ability to close the box with a lock (lock not included!). Best Peli quality, as usual and simply cool!


Peli ProGear cooler ’Elite’ – 35 QT, 33 Liter


Ulkomitat 67,1 x 50,8 x 47,6 cm

Sisämitat 40 x 30,5 x 29,2 cm, 15 kg

Isolierung 5 cm Polyurethan



Peli ProGear cooler ’Elite’ – 45 QT, 43 Liter


Ulkomitat 75,3 x 50,8 x 48,9 cm

Sisämitat 48,2 x 30,5 x 30,5 cm, 16,5 kg

Isolierung 5 cm Polyurethan



Peli ProGear cooler ’Elite’ – 65 QT, 62 Liter


Ulkomitat 94,3 x 50,8 x 50,1 cm

Sisämitat 67,3 x 30,5 x 31,7 cm, 22 kg

Isolierung 5 cm Polyurethan

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