Petrooli lämmitin


Klassisesti muotoiltu petroolilämmitin. Maksimi teho 2,5kW. Toimii yhdellä täytöllä useita tunteja. Tankin tilavuus 4,4L. Kulutus riippuen tehosta n. 0,25L/tunti. MItat 33 x 35/45 x 33 cm, paino 4.8 kg Vain ulkokäyttöön! Petroleum heating With this practical, petroleum-operated awning oven, camping can also be fun during the colder times of the year. Its maximum heating power of approximately 2.5 kWh also ensures your awning is comfortably warm in wind, rain and cold. Also ideal for gazebos. Provides hours of cosy warmth without using wood, gas or electricity. Powered by petroleum or lamp oil (available at any DIY store). Unlike with normal gas lanterns, the special glass fibre wick does not burn out and provides for unlimited flames. The tank holds 4.4 litres, with a consumption of approximately 0.25 litres/hour. Ideal – the practical cover allows the awning oven to also be used as a small stove for coffee and teapots. Size : 33 x 35/45 x 33 cm (B x H x T) Weight : 4.8 kg Colour : red Power consumption : 2.5 kW/h