Schildkroet neopreeninen sukellussetti


Kuusi osainen sukellussetti. Kaikissa neopreeninen päälimateriaali ja painona sisällä hiekka. Pehmeä materiaali.
6pcs neoprene diving set consisting of 2 diving stick, 2 diving rings and 2 diving balls with tail. All parts with neoprene cover and sand filling, soft and comfortable to grip (no comparison with the usual hard plastic diving items). Special features: the ring and the rod have a foam insert at one point and stand vertically at the base of the pool. Due to these features, so even smaller, younger children can grab the ring / rod / ball more easily in the water and have a faster diving experience.
2 diving sticks 
2 diving balls with tail
2 diving rings 
all with neoprene cover and sand