Scrubba Wash Bag matkapesukone


Scrubba on ehkä maailman pienin pesukone joka kulkee kätevästi reissussa mukana.  Scrubban ainutlaatuisten ominaisuuksien ansiosta se pesee pyykin kaksi kertaa tehokkaampi kuin käsin pesten. Mukana ohjeet

Koko avattuna 52 x 18cm
Paino 180g
max. lämpötila 50 astetta

Probably the smallest ’washing machine’ of the world: in a handy format offers the Scrubba washbag an enormous washing power for your dirty laundry. Thanks to the built-in nobules, the window, the height tabs and the rolling shutter of the Scrubba is it extremely easy to use and washes in a short time with amazing result. With twice the cleaning power (compared to hand washing), water-saving and extremely efficient. The material is durable and chosen materials are pretty good and durable, so the full functionality is maintained over a long time. Six steps to a clean result: 1. Fill with Laundry and water (3-6 liters). 2. Roll and close the washbag. 3. Deflate using the built-in valve. 4. 30 seconds up to 3 minutes to rub (depending on material of laundry and degree of soiling). 5. Rinse with clean water. 6. Dry and ready. Ideal for traveling, outdoor, camping and leisure.


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