Swiss Advance makkaratikun pää + veitsi


Helposti puukepin päähän liitettävä makkaratikun pää. Käytännöllinen muotoilu. Paketissa mukana 14g veitsi. This real fine, small and light grill fork for use on a stick and over open fire or charcoal comes now as special value with he famous lightweight knife. You could not only spike your sausage or potatoe but even pinch the food. That avoids the undesired loss of the food and you could turn it over the fire to get the best result. The knife is one of the lightest knifes in the world. At only 14 g, this knife can be carried at any time. The materials are reduced to a minimum. Blade made in Solingen. This set is possible to carry on the longest tracks and make every campfire an event.  Tool: 16,6 x 6,1 cm, 21 g material thickness 1 mm stainless chromium steel knife: weight 14 g length closed 9,5 x 1,85 cm length open 15,5 cm spring steel and plastic PCTG