Thermarest Trail Scout makuualusta


Trail Scout itsestään täyttyvä makuualusta on erinomainen valinta vasta varusteita hankkivalle ja niille jotka haluavat päivittää solumuovipatjansa ilmatäytteiseen patjaan.  Patja sopii mm. reppureissuille, leirintään, automatkailuun jne.  Paino vain 630g! (Regular koko).

Patja on itsestään täyttyvä ja vaatii lopuksi vain muutamia puhalluksia täytön viimeistelyyn.


Small / Regular / Large

Paino: 0.40 kg / 0.63 kg /0.86 kg

Leveys: 51 cm / 51 cm / 63 cm

Pituus:119 cm / 183 cm /196 cm

Paksuus: 2.5 cm / 2.5 cm /2.5 cm


Koko pakattuna: 28 cm x 12 cm / 28 cm x 14 cm /33 cm x 14 cm

Essential, self-inflating warmth and comfort.

The Trail Scout is an ideal value for first-time campers and those looking to upgrade from closed cell foam pads. It’s perfect for light backpacking, car camping, summer camps and adding essential warmth to cots. A streamlined shape keeps the weight and size down while a generous and supportive, self-inflating foam core inflates with the twist of the valve. Includes stuff sack.

Get Started Outdoors: Provides the essential comfort you need at an exceptional value.

Portable Comfort: Exceptionally compact, allowing you to take it anywhere.

Lightweight: Weighs just 630 g for 183 cm mattress.

Self-Inflating: Expanding foam core self-inflates; top off with just a few breaths for personalized firmness.

Product Specs

Small / Regular / Large

Weight 0.40 kg / 0.63 kg /0.86 kg

Width 51 cm / 51 cm / 63 cm

Length 119 cm / 183 cm /196 cm

Thickness 2.5 cm / 2.5 cm /2.5 cm

Packed dimension 28 cm x 12 cm / 28 cm x 14 cm /33 cm x 14 cm

Top fabric type Urethane

Bottom fabric type Urethane

Core Solid PU Foam

Color Gray

R-Value 3.4

Country of Origin SA*Built of the Finest U.S. and Global Materials