Vango Trek 5 Standard makuualusta yhdelle


Mukava ja eristetty makuualusta, joka on tehty kevyestä, mutta samalla kestävästä polyesteri materiaalista. Kangas on non-slip materiaalia joka estää makuupussin liukumista. Patjassa 5cm paksu vaahtomuovi eristys. Helppo pakata kasaan ja kantaa mukana tulevan kantopussin avulla. Paikkaussetti mukana. 

Paino: 1.38kg. Pakattu koko: 26.0 x ø21.0cm. 
Koko: 183 x 51 x 5 cm. 

The Trek 5 sleeping mat encompasses all of the important features of the Trek 3 range in a deluxe 5cm thick mat. Trek 5 is the perfect choice when you need that extra comfort and insulation along with durability and affordability. Ideal when you need to carry your bed on your back.

– Polyester with honeycomb ripstop is lightweight, non-slip and hardwearing

– Non-slip grip – Prevents sleeping bag slipping off during use. Conveniently positioned under high contact areas at hips.

– 5cm foam with diamond cut outs – Exceptional comfort and insulation

– The Fast-Pack carry bag system facilitates a quick and simple pack-away, letting your adventure continue without hassle.

– Repair kit included

– Materials used within the sleep mat meet and exceed the European REACH standard, ensuring safe use and peace of mind

Weight: 1.38kg. Packsize: 26.0 x ø21.0cm. 
Dimensions: 183 x 51 x 5 cm. 
Warmth: 10.