Vaude Beguided vedenpitävä kotelo etulaukkuun, pieni


Läpinäkyvä vedenpitävä kotelo elektroniikalla ja kartalle. Asennetaan etulaukun päälle. Yhteensopiva mm. Vaude Road ja Aqua etulaukkujen kanssa.Transparent cover pocketaccessory for VAUDE handlebar bagsfor map and digital companionseco-friendly and fair manufacturingSmall Weight: 70 gFor your companions. The small transparent cover pocket can be attached with a Velcro strap to either the VAUDE Aqua or Road series handlebar bag. Lets you ride with your map, smartphone, or GPS always in view. With an easy to use roll closure. The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally friendly, functional products made from sustainable materials.Bike Travel – Moderate,Bike Travel – Adventure,Bike Everyday,Road Biking – Moderatesuitable with GPS and smartphones, suitable with Aqua Box, Road I and II