Vaude Power Lizard 1-2 hengen teltta vihreä


Erittäin kevyt, mutta tukeva pieneen tilaan pakattava 1-2 hengen teltta retkeilyyn tai vuorikiipeilyyn. 

  • Henkilömäärä: 1-2 henkilöä 
  • Pakkauskoko: 40 x 14 cm 
  • Kokonaispaino: 1,160 kg

Product Description

  • Extremely weight-optimized tent for mountaineers and trekkers
  • stormproof single arch construction
  • very small pack size
  • eco-friendly manufacturing

Little weight – lots of comfort: ultra-lightweight, stormproof 2-person, double wall tent. With extra ventilation and a spacious storage vestibule, comfort is a given. Quick and easy to pitch, with a small pack size. This single arch construction tent has been awarded numerous prizes. Our top favorite for longer trekking tours.

  • Number of people: 1-2 persons 
  • Pack Size: 40 x 14 cm 
  • Tent footprint: 3,6 m² 
  • Inner tent footprint: 2,3 m² 
  • Linkage: NFL featherlight 8,7 mm 
  • Total Weight: 1160,00 g